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Visionkeeper – Soon The Craziness Will End – 10 April 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

For so long now we have held on and worked hard to change ourselves so we could change the world. Hold on tight for it seems that change is drawing near. Our dream of freedom may be just around the next bend in the road. At times we have all faltered and began to doubt that maybe this freedom is all just an illusion as well. This past week has been one of struggle for many, as energies began to radically shift and shake us all deeply within. I think just about everyone could feel something was in the making. For those who are still trapped in the illusion they had fears of what the dark ones would do next, rumors spread like wildfire of all the evils the were cooking up. For the awakened ones it was exhausting energetically yet exciting, for they knew the birthing was in process and the end was near. Soon ‘one world’ will be born and love will rule the planet. Continue reading