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South Africa – Arson Suspected In Metrofile Fire – 14 October 2013

IOL News

(Lucas: Interesting as there were lots of critical home loan files burned and arson is suspected.)

October 13 2013 at 10:37am

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Pinetown – Investigators believe that the fire which razed a Metrofile storage warehouse in Westmead on Saturday, consuming millions of critical records, could have been started on purpose.

The blaze became an inferno soon after it started on Friday night and was still being extinguished last night. It gutted the massive storage facility, with tons of original documents fuelling the fire.
Read the whole story at: www.iol.co.za/ link to original article

AmericanKabuki – Michael Tellinger – South Africa : Our Countries Are Corporations – 31 January 2013

ubuntu-largeFrom: Michael Tellinger

Sent: 31 January 2013 02:07 AM

To: Lynton

Subject: Our Coutries Are Corporations

Our countries are registered as corporations. What does that make us – Trading stock? Continue reading

Lucas – A Short BRIC’s Newsround – 5 June 2012

World stock markets fall as Europe worries riseEurozone crisis: India prepares ‘contingency plan’  Reuters, 5 June, 2012, 06.42PM IST

India has prepared a contingency plan for Greece exiting the eurozone and even a collapse of the monetary union, officials said on Tuesday. Continue reading

AVAAZ.ORG – Michael Tellinger – Support The Constitutional Court Action Against The BANKS In South-Africa – 11 May 2012

Why this is important


Michael Tellinger made global history on the 24th April 2012, in Johannesburg when he filed his 1100-page NOTICE OF MOTION against Standard Bank in the Constitutional Court of South Africa, accusing the bank of unlawful and unconstitutional activity. Tellinger also served the legal papers on the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA and the MINISTER OF FINANCE, alleging that they are jointly and consciously implicated in the unscrupulous activity that has led to unimaginable financial hardship of the South African people. But this is not just a South African issue, the unlawful actions of the banks have affected every human being on this planet, especially for the past 100 years. Continue reading

Awakening Truth World Wide Blogtakradio – Guiding Lite Show – Michael Tellinger On His Constitutional Court Case And TOLEC Gives Updates On The Andromeda Council – 8 May 2012

You have to skip the first 7 minutes and 58 secondes due to technical difficulities then starts the interview with Michael and then get an human kind history lesson and lesson about the existance of money till about 53 minutes the talk is going to head towards the Constitutional Court Case. The second hour is for Tolec’s updates.

link to A Guiding Lite radioshow 7 May 2012 Continue reading

Michael Tellinger – CNBC Africa Interview On Constitutional Court Case South-Africa – 8 May 2012

Uploaded by 7 May 2012 by on youtube.

Michael Tellinger is interviewed on CNBC Africa on 7 May 2012 – regarding his Constitutional Court action against Standard Bank, The South African Reserve Bank and the Minister of Finance. On 24 April 2012 Michael served a 1100 page legal document – Notice of Motion on all three parties. The paper presents more than 30 breaches of laws, bills and acts by all three parties that have been unchallenged until now. They have until around 18th May to serve their legal defence. By 28 May all papers have to be submitted after which a date for the trial will be set by the court. This is a full bench of the Constitutional Court – 11 Judges; 22 clerks; and a host of researchers to really get to the bottom of the atrocities committed by the banks against the people of the world.

UFO Report – UFO Cape Town – South Africa – 24 February 2012

Uploaded by on 23th Febr. 2012.

UFO Sighting Cape Town South Africa 20 August 2011 at 18.00 h