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John Ward – Frankfurt Contact Tells Slog : “Eurozone Will Shatter By Autumn” – “Spain And Italy Cannot Be Contained” – 23 March 2012

Incompetent mendacity still a la mode throughout Europe

As ECB President Mario Draghi declared the eurozone out of the woods yesterdays, The Slog’s Bankfurt Maulwurf offered a diametrically opposed opinion. And more details emerged of how French security services botched the monitoring of scooter-killer Mohammed Merah.
A brief thank you to Trolls throughout the Globe who emailed and threaded at The Slog to relish me “being wrong about” the Greek default planned for today. We still have some time to go before 7 pm GMT guys and gals, but just to reiterate for the zillionth time, I was informed about a plan in the US financial Establishment to work with eurozone leaders on the fast-track amputation of Greece. It appears the plan failed or was abandoned – as I have suggested several times over the last ten days. I would maintain that a lack of European balls and probably deranged American hubris ensured its demise. But that hardly makes me ‘wrong’. Continue reading