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Lucas – Speaking Our Truths – The One And Oneness – Creation 5D – 6 June 2013

heart-of-lightI give my view on things happening now. The vibrational frequency energies are pulling through transforming. Last bits of stuck or left pains or obstructs or patterns, etc, are going to transform, let go off or integrate and it should help to get back into balance.  See you can see yourself in your counterparts and your mirrors.  They show you truths of you but mostly it is not wanted to be seen by yourself. We all will in some way tell our truths the coming days or be told. You will speak out and set records straight or even reconcile or embrace some lost contact. The outcome of this all is not certain as it is different for everyone.   Also you will make clear what it is you want out of the new forming.  Make clear what it is and get your energy into that to make it happen for you but not only you. The selfishness of your own needs in this all will clash with the forming of our collective new paradigm that is about One and Oneness. So not about the me and the  self-interest. So you might wanna bring your wishes and needs or manifesting thoughts into alignment with this. Continue reading