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John Ward – Exclusive : Oil – The Real Motive Behind The Price Increases – Special Report – 29 March 2012

In this Slog special:

How the numbers on oil supply disruption don’t add up

Why the IEA doesn’t believe them

Why and how oilcos are profiting from the spin

What links Iran, Nigeria, Israel, and Greece in US foreign policy

Why Obama wants to open up the reserves, even though they aren’t needed

The carrot he’d like to offer the oil business to ensure his re-election

An in-depth investigation by The Slog reveals that disruptions in oil supply have been massively hyped – and used as the cover for naked oil company profiteering, US Presidential politics, market speculation, and broader geopolitical aims. Continue reading


Special Report: A fight for the soul of the ECB


Special Report: A fight for the soul of the ECB via Reuters.com by Noah Barkin and Andreas Framke first published 6 October 2011