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Ron Van Dyke – Spirituaity In A Vacuum Is A Bunch Of Hot Air – 27 April 2013

Uploaded on 27 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke I owe the subject matter today to two comments that came yesterday in response to that video. One said, “Once when I use to join Facebook spiritualist groups, in one of these groups I was making a comment about problems I had, then I got comments telling me that everything that happens in the world is my fault because I created it. I saw the true face of spiritualism around the world that day. People try to be ‘spiritual’ without even knowing how to be human.” My friend, Aristomenes from Greece commented, “Indeed, and I would like to add that this person witnessed the true face of ‘matrix spiritualism/spirituality’. The mystics that expressed such views were speaking from THEIR perspective, not the perspective of conditioned humanity. You cannot get the meaning of such an idea unless you build your spiritual experience upon and within your humanity. The matrix has always promoted spirituality in a vacuum: which in its essence is really a bunch of hot air.”