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CLN – Ilya Sandra Perlingieri – What Did Gene Roddenberry Know? (After The Cabal’s End – Part 2) – 28 December 2012

enterprise_classic-150x150Star Trek  : “To seek out new life and new civilizations.” – Gene Roddenberry, 1966

Over the last 40 years, millions of people around the world have been fans of Star Trek. Created by Hollywood producer Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991), the initial series was televised for three years from 1966-1969. This spawned a whole series of other futurist Star Trek sci-fi shows: Deep Space 9, Star Trek the Next Generation, and countless films (now on DVD). The series has become a classic. Enthusiasm was so great that other TV programs and many Hollywood films were produced. This wasn’t the first sci-fi series [think of Buster Crabbe in “Flash Gordon”], but its cultural impact continues to be huge. Continue reading


Star Trek The Real Generations Are Coming – Lucas

File:ST-TNG Data's Day.jpgThe changes to come are very well under way. The Star Trek series  of Gene Roddenberry and successors have had a profound impact on a lot of viewers that they now just are beginning to understand.

As  SaLuSa in his messages already said some of our earth shows have been telling a lot without us knowing it to be very true in deed. The replicators, transporting devices they are things we will get together with our new free energy devices. We will have soon a new money  and financial system and lots more. The X-Files movie title: I wanna believe can be replaced with I know it is true and always knew.

For me things happening in the background are not all seen by you yet.     The transforming of our planet and ourselves as human beings to awaken and use our real free will choices again is important.  Things are now in the final stages.  The duality battle with our own dark sides and those who still can’t see are nearly over. The dark veils over our own light are shed. The Lights forces progress is leaving the dark cabal and those in their slipstream no choice as to surrender to the Light.

We will be the new shining Galactic Federations of Light addition of Lightbeings soon to be. We will be the new teachers to others of our experience of the limitless duality we have been living. The Divine Plan has decreed we and our earth have to come home from our duality experience and this will happen regardless what will be tried to put in the way of the execution of this decree.  Only oneness with our universal consciousness of all that is will be what is soon. The field of unconditional love and light. We will be moving towards ascension and for those who have chosen to ascend it will come. Mother earth will be ascending at our side as she is the being to sustain our  world in 5 D as she did in our 3D reality matrix.

We will see  the real new generations of “Star Trek” exploring and helping in the new 5D world. Let us be happy for our advanced and beautiful new beginnings in our 5D world, galaxy and universe.

Love and light.