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Lucas: Remembering growing up as Starchild on Earth

I remember standing for my bedrooms window as a small child of eight. I had a great sight into the sky from my window.  I felt near to the stars and I talked to the them glittering on the celestial pavement. I always was drawn to the brightest Star Sirius. In that neighborhood of  Sirius was home. I was a Starchild, that’s what I was. This notice grew stronger as I grew older.

I got to the age of twelve. I had my first experiences of my six sence. I could see things others couldn’t. I could connect to spirits and see dead people. It scared me. I could not handle it and still I was interested in the subjects of ESP, Sight, etc. I won a bicycle with a contest for schools in my home town. Nothing abnormal, except I knew already I would win. I was from the contest beginning for no reason already convinced  I would win. It was no arrogance but something I really knew. Then  I also saw my first UFO Orb flying and hovering some couple of kilometres from my bedroom window. Yes I knew now I was not alone in this World.

Growing older I had to put my abilities I couldn’t handle in those years on ice.  After my schooling I went to university age eighteen. The interest in ESP, ghosts, spirits and angels came again . I found student friends who talked also about their experiences and interests and it made it easier for me to cope. I learned in those years I could read photographs and feel history and emotions from things holding in my hand. I learned interpreting things I saw in flashes like movies and pictures before my third  eye. I learned getting messages also through smells. For example flower essence.  And I sometimes could hear things being said to me.

If you look back, you see a lot that could take you off-balance in an instant if you would not be able to manage. I haven’t had any nasty things happening. But that has mostly been to thank to me being a loner. Few and real friends were more important to me.    I did two studies and graduated. When I grew older at about twenty-five I got in contact with natures Ley lines and energy fields. Also I learned in growing older to heal with my hands. I did some courses and learned also about crystals, minerals, essential oils and herbs.

Still in me was a little voice telling me there is more. But I could not remember. I read a lot and came without doubt in contact with the right people after a couple of years looking for my real me. I woke up about 1999.  I knew I was really that Starchild that longed for his space family and I was not alone. I came in reading the internet  step by step to the truth. We had a different history then was told on this earth. Then I saw a lot of new information and people searching also for their real roots.

I came in contact with a few of them. Facebook and internet made my group of awakened ones bigger and bigger. I had my experience of bi-location and SaLuSa also talked to me and had a message for me personally. Now I come to the end of the short story of my life as Starchild born on this earth. Yes, we have a purpose here and have a task. We have to manage and make it to ascension with our mother earth together. After ascension some of us will be going back to their space families, others will stay on earth or inner-earth. The ones who can’t manage to skip the duality and evolve as the lightbeings we always were intended, will go to a place where they still can learn to lift themselves out of this duality and in the long-term also ascend.  We are one and will be one again with the source.

My joy and happiness is overwhelming  when we will be able to meet our  space brothers and sisters again and also our other space families, species, lightbeings and masters of the light. I want to be on the ships and fly to my planet. I want to meet that what I always missed and then found again. I will see the beauty of the new earth and her new light cities, the new terraformed earth that will be filled with new life. The unconditional love and One consciousness is indescribable. Truly heaven. I just have to be patient and know it will all be very very soon.

Love and Light,