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Greg Giles – Personal Message From His Starfamily – 23 January 2012

I received a message this morning from the Galactic Federation informing me that our lines of communication were crossed, being temporarily affected by negative entities. I stated the necessary command to clear these pesky little party crashers from my sphere, and I am confident that as you read these words, highly trained personnel within the Galactic Federation are performing a sweep of my home and surrounding neighborhood, rounding up our planet’s only true illegal aliens. I am further confident that tomorrow will bring a new message sent from the Galactic Federation for all of you, and I wish you all a beautiful and peaceful Sunday evening. I will make sure to leave a snow shovel outside in case these uninvited house guests care to pitch in and clear the driveway. Either that or I will have to start charging these folks rent. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Personal Consultation Of My Starfamily -11 December 2011

Today we wish to speak to you about your future plans with us. It seems you are ready to embark on a new journey and we are ready to assist you in this endeavor. We need your cooperation to see that the desired outcome is achieved. We would like you at this time to realize no harm will come to you when making this transition from the physical to the spiritual. This move will require certain aspects of yourself to be transmuted and readied for ascension into a higher realm. Unlock those emotions inside of you that need cleansing. Unlock past issues that need clearing. These issues act like weight stones tight around your neck. They need to be released so your spirit can take flight. Along your journey you have picked up many habits and tendencies that are detrimental to your better welfare and health. We would like to see you shed these chains and free yourself from these obstacles. One in particular is your (past) use of mind altering substances. Even in infrequent use these can be quite debilitating for your psyche, mind, and body. (Continue) to eliminate these drugs from your routine and you will become much more than you are today. We would like to thank you for the work you have been doing, and we see that you give this work your sincerest effort. We would like to continue working with you in this process and look forward to our next communication. Until then, enjoy the wonderful days ahead and your upcoming holiday season. You are loved, and we look forward to seeing you once again. We look forward to this reunion.

Your friends, Rona, Jella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Morgana, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron
As channeled through Greg Giles / 12th Dec. 2011
Lucas – Thanks Greg for posting this personal message.