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Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – “Three Things Your Astrologer Should Give You” – Volume 112, Starself Newsletter For April, 2015 – 29 April 2015

rick2After many years of doing astrological consultations for people, things change. Plateaus are encountered where it seems to take years to get new visions. The astrological collective is consistently coining formulas as if people can really be categorized. Many people confuse us with palm-readers, psychics, mediums, card-readers, ghost-hunters, phrenologists, and just about any other category you can imagine.

Even so, there are about as many ways to do astrology as there are astrologers.

In the early years, when learning the ropes, you kind of have to follow worn trails. But, after many years of following my intuition, it has now come down to three basic things I’m looking for before I can consider a consultation successful:

1. Send the client home with a broader, more positive self-image. Continue reading


Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Volume 111, March, 2015 – The Dove Or The Drone – 17 March 2015




(New Webinar This Week

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As spring arrives, never before has it been more clear that we have to power to rebuild this world in a harmonious image. By acting in accord with the promptings of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, we can utilize their enormous energy and intelligence in order to form a new society that works for all.

Join us WEDNESDAY as we talk about how get in sync with the archetypal forces that are informing this New World.

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Rick DiClemente – Volume 111, March, 2015 – The Dove Or The Drone

I was a pleasantly surprised to see how the USA-being-Cancer-like newsletter was so well received. I have offered many articles on a wide variety of astrological topics through the years. It’s hard to know when the combination lock has spun to just the right calibration. A nerve was hit as non-astrologers got to see what they had suspected all along but couldn’t quite put into words: America is over-defended. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Volume 110, February, 2015 – VULNERABILITY – 8 February 2015





One of the dark sides of the archetype of the sign of Cancer (which the USA is) is to become obsessed with security, which is unreal.

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller (Blind and deaf, Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon) Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – How To Prepare For The Coming Massive Spiritual Download Of February, 2015 – 27 January 2015

rick2There is a powerful force gaining on all us us now as SIX planets head towards lining up in the spiritual sign of Pisces. They will be peak during the New Moon on Feb. 18 and 19th. Even so, you will be feeling this expand ALL MONTH LONG until we get there. It has been my past experience over the last few years that when this happened before in a similar way, many sensitive souls could feel this guidance from above, better known as Grace. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Volume 109, January, 2015 – Preview Of 2015 – 28 December 2014

rick2Rick DiClemente

Volume 109, January, 2015

Preview of 2015

In essence, 2015 will largely be similar to 2014. What is meant by that is that Pluto will continue through Capricorn, still in square formation to Uranus, in effect, for all of 2015. Neptune and Chiron continue to slowly separate as they still will inhabit Pisces. Saturn provides us with the big change, having left Scorpio behind for Sagittarius. The ace in the hole will be Jupiter traveling largely across the zodiac from the others, forming a “bucket handle”, all year long in the signs of Leo and Virgo. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – How To Tell What Planet “Is Coming Over You” (And How To Deal With It) – 27 November 2014

rick2Starself Newsletter, Volume 108, December, 2014

We are so casual when we say, “What came over you?” or “I don’t know what’s gotten into me” or “What’s gotten into her lately?”

Just about every time that is referred to, a transiting planet is moving through the zodiac over sensitive points in the person’s natal chart. Certainly, these are just more of “life.” But, with further examination, we see that we are all connected to the larger collective and usually these planetary movements, called transits, represent very significant trends in our life. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Radical Change Intensifies – 2 November 2014

rick2Volume #107, November, 2014
Rick DiClemente

Radical Change Intensifies

Why is this time so important? It’s because of the existing square between Uranus and Pluto that represents volatile revolution. These two joined forces in October of 1965 – did you notice any revolutionary energies from 1960-1969 when they were traveling in unison? In the past three years, they have been at a right angle to each other (a tension aspect in astrology called a “square”). This is why these two have repeatedly been triggered during that time, and explains the ensuing friction. These two heavyweights of astrology are seismic collective forces. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – October, 2014 Newsletter, Volume #106 – Nobel Laureate: Malala Yousafzai – 17 October 2014

rick2https://i0.wp.com/starself.com/wp-content/uploads/standard_starself_logo1.pngSeventeen years old. What a brave soul. What. A. Brave. Soul. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for female education was born in Minaora, Pakistan on July 12, 1997. Raised by a poet, school owner, and an educational activist stood up to the Taliban in the Swat Valley area of Pakistan and was shot at 3 times; one bullet entering her head traveling through her neck until it came to rest in her shoulder. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Volume 105, September 2014, Filial Piety Begins – 22 September 2014

rick2StarselfVolume 105, September, 2014

Filial Piety Begins

(How Mars Keeps Getting Us into Trouble

And Neptune Keeps Bailing Us Out)

by Rick DiClemente

It’s as if we don’t listen. It’s as if we don’t learn. Maybe we are starting to. Continue reading

Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Sometimes We Have To Act Opposite To Our Nature – 28 July 2014

https://i0.wp.com/starself.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/starselfcolor.png“The Exquisite Zodiac” #2 Top Seller on Amazon and #1 Top Rated Astrology book for 6 weeks!

Sometimes, We Have to Act

Opposite to Our Nature

rick2By Rick DiClemente

Volume 103, August, 2014

It’s a weird thing, this Sun-sign astrology. On one hand, I emphasize so much to people to not identify totally with their Sun-sign. That’s because most people have no idea about true astrology’s complexity and the over-emphasis put upon Sun-signs by the media. It’s totally understandable. Continue reading