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Lisa Gawlas – Growing The Divine Masculine… Creators, Start Your Engines!! – 4 February 2014

lisagawlas2There is so much that started to really hit me, in understandings, yesterday that I could barely move from the sheer excitement within me.  I am tip-toeing back into the realm of readings again, until my very raspy, pubescent voice says, done for the day, I did two yesterday… more progress.  But equally and much more importantly, the moment I am done drinking you in, I can feel it, I can feel me… change, become enhanced.

It hit me last evening as I started to feel “regular” again, we are now actively co-creating a very very distinctive chicken soup together.  Somehow, I have decided to become the stock pot in which the ingredients will come together.  So the entirety of January was scouring my pot, removing all aspects of the previous soup we created.  The last connections in January, January 26th to be exact, two women one man, or two lungs and one heart were the final rinse within my body.  And think about it too, if everything within you has been removed, what kind of voice would that produce??  None. Continue reading