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Der Spiegel – Stefan Kaiser – Inevitability Of Debt The Faustian Bargain Between States And Banks – 23 November 2012

Are banks and governments merely feeding each other’s addictions?

States and banks have made a deal with the devil. Banks buy the sovereign bonds needed to prop states up in the tacit understanding that the states will bail them out in a pinch. But experts warn that this symbiotic arrangement might be putting the entire financial system at risk. Continue reading

Der Spiegel – Stefan Kaiser – Greek Haircut – Germany’s Trouble With The Truth – 20 November 2012

It’s supposed to be a week of decisions for Greece, but of course it will just be another week of muddling ahead. Fearing her voters in Germany, Merkel’s government will resist a debt haircut and the inevitable realization: We’re all going to have to pay for Greece. Continue reading