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Lisa Gawlas – Step Up, Or Step Back… Choose Neither And The Lunar Eclipse Will… – 27 September 2014

lisagawlas2The one thing I am absolutely sure of today, there is no more fence-sitting!!  The days of saying “I want to step into the New, but… but… but…” are going to be done as we enter the Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8th.  As I was reading for a lady yesterday, getting all pimped our in her new energy body and new bubble of creation, she asked a question about her husband and where he is in all this (a major theme for yesterday let me tell ya.)  He was up on this side of the September full moon, on that electrical wire that could serve to ignite him into the belly of the moon, but instead, he simply choose stillness… remaining in the shadows of the moon, watching her, but not interacting in her Light field with movement.  Suddenly and I might even add, surprisingly, the energy of the lunar eclipse came into the reading, releasing an energy akin to the sonic boom.  The understanding thru this force field/sound wave was knocking those fence sitters into their best alignment (old earth or new earth) with its passing. Continue reading