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Stephen Cook – (Upcoming) The Light Agenda – InLight Blogtalkradio – With Fran Zepeda – 4 July 2012

Call in to speak with the host: (323) 784-9697  Look up your own time or let them sent you a reminder via blogtalk service.

Direct Link to The Light Agenda – InlLight Blogtalkradio – With Fran Zepeda – 5th July 2012

Stephen Cook’s guest is FRAN ZEPEDA, healer and channeller of Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Sananda, Yeshua and Mira The Pleaidian. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – The Five Big Banks Draft Plans For Going Out Of Business – 29 June 2012

The Five Big Banks Draft Plans for Going Out of Business

Thanks to Janis

Stephen: JP Morgan Chase and Co, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan  Stanley are among those submitting first liquidation scenarios at the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Group, according to this story from Reuters. They MUST do so by July 1! Continue reading

Stephen Cook – The Light Agenda – InLight Blogtalkradio – With Scott Mowry – 28 June 2012

Call in to speak with the host :  (323) 784-9697

This week’s guest is spiritual writer and investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and “first wave volunteer”, the highly intuitive SCOTT MOWRY. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – Head Of Church Of England Denounces UK’s “Big Society” Policy, Iraq War, Consumerism – 24 June 2012

Head of Church of England Denounces UK’s “Big Society” Policy, Iraq War, Consumerism

Stephen: OK, here’s some Sunday reading….Rowan Williams is the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Church of England. He will step down from his position this December (coincidental?) – but is not going quietly.

If you watched the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton last year, he married the couple – and gave a sermon which some believed contained subtextual messages about the new paradigm. You can read that full speech here and make your own mind up:  http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/blog/2011/April/29/The-Bishop-of-London-s-Sermon Continue reading

Stephen Cook – The Light Agenda – InLight Blogtalkradio – With Suzy Ward – 21 June 2012

This week’s guest is SUZY WARD, channeller of Matthew Ward and Hatonn and author of The Matthew Books.

Stephen Cook presents The Light Agenda, a hour-long chatty, revealing enlightening conversation with those among us who are setting the Light Agenda via their blogs, channelling, broadcasts, opinions, writing and behind-the-scenes intel. Continue reading

Philip Aldrick And Robert Winnett – The Telegraph UK – Europe Poised For Bail-Out Amid Warning Of ‘Lehman Re-Run’ – 20 June 2012

(Stephen Cook: Yep, that is the newspaper’s headline. But if you read further into this story you’ll see  a ‘Robin Hood’-style rescue package is now being suggested; in this case, where the richer countries come to the aid of the poorer ones in an attempt to even things out. Sounds like a far more balanced approach as we proceed through today’s Solstice… still not ‘debt forgiveness’ but certainly edging closer… I hope.)

Debt crisis: Prepare for Lehmans re-run, UK Bank official warns, as leaders poised to bail out Spain and Italy

European leaders are poised to use two rescue funds to buy Spanish and Italian debts in a £600bn bail-out, as a Bank of England policy maker tells traders to prepare for a devastating market seizure like that seen as the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Cheap and ready access to the liquid assets that oil the financial markets are under threat from both state-imposed capital controls and flagging confidence in the euro, said Robert Jenkins, a member of the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee.

Read the whole story at : http://www.the2012scenario.com link to article / http://www.telegraph.co.uk link to original article

Stephen Cook – The Light Agenda – Interview Cobra – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 14 June 2012

Stephen Cook presents the Premiere Episode of The Light Agenda – a special program  featuring the Exclusive World First Radio Interview with COBRA of the Portal 2012 blogspot.

Since March 31, when Portal 2012 went live, Cobra has become a strong and sometimes controversial voice within the Lightworker community – organising a series of mass meditations and posting intel to assist the liberation of our planet from the dark. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – Spanish Withdraw 1 Billion Euros! French Government Slashes Pay By 30% – 17 May 2012

Stephen: It’s all happening in Europe today. I mean, we have long been told things would happen in the blink of a eye…

Following the Greeks withdrawing over 800 million Euro from their banks yesterday, the Spanish have grabbed their withdrawal slips, headed for their banks and started removing their money, too. Over 1 Billion Euro out already today. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – The ‘GlobalMay Manifesto’ Of The Occupy Movement – 12 May 2012

The ‘GlobalMay Manifesto’ of the Occupy Movement

Stephen: This Manifesto is the result of a democratic consensus of people from all around the world who have joined the various Occupy movements – either in person or in spirit.

It eloquently answers those politicians, banks, major corporations and other naysayers who have doubted that the Occupy movement has espoused a clear path and vision. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – Progress Has Not Come To A Standstill – 3 April 2012

As Matthew Ward told us yesterday: “progress has not come to a standstill” – and in my view he was right.

Heading this progress report is the news that  James Murdoch has quit yet another key post within his father Rupert’s stumbling (and possibly crumbling) global media empire. This time, James has resigned as Chairman of BSkyB (for full story, see separate post).

Meanwhile, four other “progress” stories also caught my eye today. I thought it best to wrap them into this one post. Continue reading