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Steve Lendman – Saudis Using Banned Chemical Weapons In Yemen – 20 April 2015

StevelendmanSaudis are some of the world’s most ruthless figures. They rule with an iron fist.

They tolerate no opposition. They partner with Washington’s regional wars.

They were caught red-handed supplying Syrian takfiris with chemical weapons – used against defenseless civilians.

They’re at it again. Overnight reports indicate they attacked Yemen’s Saada province with banned chemical agents.

Toxic gas left scores of Yemeni civilians dead or injured. The exact number isn’t known so far.  Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Human Rights Group Accuses Israel Of Deliberately Murdering Gazan Children – 19 April 2015

StevelendmanA new Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) report accuses Israel of willfully killing Palestinian children during last summer’s Gaza war.

Around 550 children were murdered in cold blood – two-thirds under age 12.

Israel considers all civilians legitimate targets. International law calls killing them a war crime.

Another 3,400 children were injured – over 1,000 maimed for life. They need vital medical care unavailable because of Israel’s lawless siege – ongoing aggression by any standard with full US-led Western support. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – US-Sponsored Yemeni Terror-Bombing Continues – 18 April 2015

StevelendmanUS-planned and orchestrated/Saudi-led terror-bombing continues into its 24th day – more intensively than earlier.

Another Obama atrocity is unfolding in plain sight. Civilians are being deliberately murdered in cold blood.

Some estimates put the death toll at over 2,700 – many thousands more injured. An appalling humanitarian crisis worsens daily.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani condemned aggressor crimes – against “children, elderly women and men in Yemen,” he said.

Continue reading

Steve Lendman – US And Saudi Aggressors Want Yemeni Victims To Halt Conflict – 17 April 2015

StevelendmanThey want unconditional surrender. They want what they won’t get.

Blaming victims is one of Washington’s dirtiest games. Naked aggression is called liberation. Humanitarian intervention is claimed.

Mass slaughter and destruction are considered democracy-building measures. Plundering countries for profit is called economic development.

Yemen is Obama’s latest atrocity. How many more countries will he rape – turn to rubble, mass slaughter defenseless civilians, and create appalling humanitarian crisis conditions? Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Iranian Nuclear Deal Factsheet – 16 April 2015

StevelendmanOn Wednesday, Iran’s Parliament released a factsheet on agreed on nuclear deal framework terms. It differs markedly from Obama’s distorted version.

He proved he can’t be trusted many times before. Again by betraying Iran.

On the one hand, by distorting and inaccurately reporting terms agreed on.

On the other, by selling out to bipartisan congressional hardliners, Israel and its Lobby.

He effectively wrecked agreed on framework terms by giving Congress final say on agreement provisions if reached by June 30. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Blackwater Convictions Ignore US High Crimes Against Iraq – 15 April 2015

StevelendmanOn September 16, 2007, US hired Blackwater mercenaries murdered 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square.

Without provocation, they opened fire on cars carrying families.

They had little reason to think they’d be held accountable. Washington grants so-called private military contractors (PMCs) blanket immunity.

Paul Bremer’s Order 17 authorized it. The exception proves the rule. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Obama’s War On Yemen Risks Involving Iran – 13 April 2015

StevelendmanIs this what Washington and Israel intend or another example of the rule of untended consequences of reckless actions?

What’s ongoing in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Palestine and Ukraine dangerously resemble events preceding WW I.

One nation after another got involved to help both sides. Things spun out-of-control.

Deadly consequences followed. Before they ended, over 20 million died. Many more were maimed for life. An entire generation of youth was lost.

If Washington challenges Russia over Ukraine militarily, Syria directly by invading, or Iran over Yemen belligerently, all bets are off. The worst of outcomes may follow. Continue reading