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Steve – Lavrov On Washington’s Dirty War – 15 May 2014

StevelendmanA previous article called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a world class diplomatic. He shames his Western counterparts.
He’s a true peace advocate. He works tirelessly for it. He faces long odds. He’s matched against Washington’s villainy.
It prioritizes war humanity. It rages out-of-control. It’s for unchallenged world dominance.
It’s about eliminating all independent governments. It’s for destroying their sovereignty.

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Laura Bruno – Time Keeps On Slippin’…Into The Future! – 31 December 2012

laura brunoI awoke this morning with “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ … into the future…” running through my head on a non-stop loop. “I want to fly like an eagle…” Some kundalini yoga chants got rid of it for a little while, but now it’s back with a vengeance demanding that I type. As we cross the threshold of 2012 into 2013, it strikes me that time is, indeed, slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ … into a future many people wondered if we’d ever see. With all the doomsday predictions, movies and “prophecies,” a major pause seemed to hang over the end of 2012. I put “prophecies” in quotes because the Mayans never predicted the end of the world, but rather the end of the Old World. Big difference. Continue reading

Lucas – A Nightcap, Articles From Steve Beckow And A Video – 5 July 2012

I just wrote my short article about “We Can Do This If We Want To Together”. I refer to my own writing here in general. So I have not written it with someone particular someone in mind.

Here  also follow two articles Steve sent me by e-mail to post on my blog. I give you the links to it and you can read them at www.the2012scenario.com as I had a very energy pulling week almost behind me. Still I do these last postings for I go to sleep. Also I will give you a video from  Tom Lescher and thank Laura Bruno for pointing  it out to me. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Until We Meet Again…. – 7 February 2012

(Lucas:”Steve refers also to my article in him resigning. I have already explained that the article Steve wrote for me had no other conclusion. He has explained himself in this new article. He is saying not to resign or leave. That is good to hear from him now. Welcome Back then. It had been easier if he wrote this all before posting an article on his decision to leave or stay that for me and others only was to interpret as him leaving or resigning. This I’ve  been saying also in a comment on Wes Annac’s blog and mine about the comment by Wes he only was away for a while.  Now Steve for me is clear. What others think of his article  or reasons they have to decide for themselves. But please do not comment on it as I will not post it!  Steve thanks.  And greetings to Geoff West who I have been speaking to recent. Love and Light, Lucas” )


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Lucas – Steve Beckow Resigns As Author And From Interviewing With An Hour With An Angel – 6 February 2012

Steve Beckow has decided to resign from writing on his blog except for the Bridge Fund. Further he will not be anymore interviewing Linda Dillon in  An Hour With An Angel. He made his decision based on what people were writing. As more people favoured him to stay the decision based on one comment about integrity was why he chose to leave. He thinks he hurt a minority of people and that ways for him as heavy as all in favour for him to stay. Continue reading

Lucas And Steve Beckow – So Very Close – 5 February 2012

Lucas: Comment on his following article:  “I am sorry the intent and effort I see from Steve and others to make the change themselves to bring forward Disclosure is now surrounded by disbelief, ridicule, not trusting our Space Brothers and Sisters and not seeing the broader goal of this mission. Even Steve has expressed his doubt towards his own mission and made a (for me Not understandable) decision to stop with all if Grener not delivered.  I sincerely hope Steve will be going on with it all and leave all the criticism behind and show he is man enough to admit to himself he was doubting it all himself. Continue reading