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SteveLendmanBlog – Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal: What Follows? – 29 September 2013

StevelendmanIt’s all over but the beginning. More on that below.

On Friday, Security Council members unanimously adopted Resolution 2118: Security Council Requires Scheduled Destruction of Syria’s Chemical Weapons.

Ir rules out military force. It’s “fully consistent with the Russian-US Geneva agreements,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“This is the result of coordinated efforts of Russia and the United States backed by all members of the UN Security Council and the majority of other states.” Continue reading


SteveLendmanBlog – Bernanke Stays The Course – 20 September 2013

StevelendmanBernanke Stays the Course

by Stephen Lendman

Helicopter Ben surprised. Tapering was expected. Not now, he said. Reasons why include concern about economic strength.

He’s worried about how higher rates will impact global over-indebtedness.

When tapering was announced weeks earlier, these and other uncertainties were known. Why change policy now? Doing so makes Bernanke look like a taper tiger.  Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – Lavrov Calls Kerry’s Bluff – 9 September 2013

StevelendmanLavrov Calls Kerry’s Bluff
by Stephen Lendman
Russian Foreign Sergei Lavrov wants peace. He’s going all out against war on Syria. He’s doing it responsibly.
Important world leaders back him. So does overwhelming global anti-war sentiment. Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – AIPAC Lobbies For War On Syria – 9 September 2013

Stevelendmanby Stephen Lendman
Previous articles discussed the Israeli Lobby’s rage for war on Syria. AIPAC and 50 other Zionist organizations endorse it.
They threaten world peace. They want Israeli interests served. Ravaging and destroying Syria does so. Much greater stakes are involved.  Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – Global Opposition To Attacking Syria – 7 September 2013

 Stevelendmanby Stephen Lendman
It’s growing. Millions oppose more war. They’re fed up. They’re not silent. They’re speaking out. They’re making their feelings known. More on that below.
Imagine claiming war on humanity’s being waged for peace. Imagine mass slaughter called humanitarian intervention.
Imagine the worst of all possible outcomes. Imagine a brave new world impossible to live in. Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – Impeach Obama Now! – 4 September 2013

StevelendmanImpeach Obama Now!
by Stephen Lendman
A previous article called impeaching him a national imperative. Do it now. Do it before it’s too late.
He’s already guilty of multiple high crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.
He plans much more ahead. He intends lawless aggression against Syria. He risks regional war. He’s menacing humanity.  Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – Israeli Lobby Targets Syria And Iran – 2 September 2013

StevelendmanWaging war on Syria is prelude to targeting Iran. The road to Tehran runs through Damascus.
It’s the Lobby’s prime target. It’s Israel’s. It’s America’s. First things first. War on Syria rages. Obama plans direct US intervention.
He intends lawless aggression. He decided irrespective of Security Council and/or congressional authorization.

SteveLendmanBlog – Obama’s War On Syria Based On Lies – 29 August 2013

StevelendmanObama’s War on Syria Based on Lies
by Stephen Lendman
All wars are based on lies. Claims about Syrian forces using chemical weapons are false. They’re malicious.
They’re bald-faced lies. They’re repeated anyway. John Kerry wrongfully accused Syria of using chemical weapons.

SteveLendmanBlog – Hassan Rohani : Iran’s President-Elect – 17 June 2013

StevelendmanHassan Rohani: Iran’s President-Elect

by Stephen Lendman

It’s official. Iran’s Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar announced it. Rohani won 50.7% of 36.7 million votes cast.

Six candidates competed. Principlist Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf finished second. He received one-third of Rohani’s total. Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – Lifting The Fake EU Arms Embargo – 30 May 2013

StevelendmanOn May 27, the so-called one-year EU arms embargo on Syria’s opposition ended. Officially it does so on June 1. EU nations agreed to end what never existed.

Since Washington’s war on Syria began in early 2011, arms flowed freely. Western-enlisted death squads get them. At issue is replacing Assad with a subservient pro-Western puppet.

Syria’s being ravaged in the process. Washington, key NATO partners, Israel and rogue Arab state allies bear full responsibility. Continue reading