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The Day The Earth Stood Still, Or Not? – Lucas

The realization of visitors of outer space has been a long talked and written about theme. Lot’s of movies have been made about this theme. From the 1950’s onwards  mostly  films where about aliens who occupied and conquered our much-loved earth. Now we know that is not true.  Still in our Lightworker communities warnings go out about fake evil alien invasions onto our Earth initiated by the Dark Cabal. What is going on I asked myself.

The messages of the channelers Mike Quinsey, Suzanne Ward, Sheldan Nidle, Laura Tyco, Suzanne Poulson Spooner and others are clear. The treat of these fake hostile alien invasions and the disinformation about that are NOT gonna be manifested. The dark will be stopped before they really can act at all. We only will meet our unconditional loving lightbeing brothers and sisters from inner-earth and outer space. Also our masters of light, angels and helpers we will be meeting. All is done in the name of the Divine Plan and decree of the GOD of our Universe. The one we are all one with. We are gonna ascend to the 5th Dimension together with our mother earth.

What is it then that disturbs the confidence and knowing of this being a fact? Why is this known truth being questioned by some of our Lightworkers?  For me the real problem is the writing and chatting in blogs, in Facebook groups and via other social media and means about these so-called possibilities.

What would you do  for example if  GOD says the earth stays on turning and you know its true by heart and mind, are you gonna question it and state our earth will stay still! My strong confidence and the knowledge of the heart and higher self is what makes me not question WHAT IS as I KNOW IT IS.  The knowledge that what, you give attention or your intentions to in thought, give it a platform to manifest. So you don’t give as a lightworker any  negative thoughts attention.  If you want to educate people wait till they ask the question. Keep away from negative news or disinformation by the mainstream media, (radio, tv, internet,papers,magazines, books,videos.)

Negative thoughts giving attention even if you are wanting to be in the light is like sending light and blocking it in the same instant by putting a filter in the lights way. My message is not giving thought or even attention to negative things, information, etc.  Give positive thoughts and things happening NOW attention. You will manifest a stronger and better light connection in the now and will help the last bits of dark to be transmuted into the light.

I know a lot of us live in troubled times and lot’s of problems of the old world are still slapping you in the face. Know that your confidence is being rewarded as all beings who chose accepting the light. You are being the light beacons needed. You are the ones we have been waiting for. So act like it. Stay strong, confident, calm and in the light.  Know you are never alone. Help is when you ask for it around the corner even if you are not being aware of it some times.

Love and Light,


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