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Dana Mrkich – Stop, Revive And Thrive (Or At Least Survive!) – 6 March 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewAs the whirlwind of transformation continues around and within us all, it’s a timely reminder to take time to stop, revive and thrive…or if you can’t do thrive right now, then at least survive!

As the high frequency energy increases, our sensitivity increases. We feel our own feelings and those of other people’s more acutely, we feel solar activity, we feel events that are occurring on the other side of the planet. Some days it feels like your hand is stuck in an electrical socket, while other days you just want to hide under a blanket and say wake me when it’s over.  It is important to connect with our own personal ‘eye of the storm’ within…that quiet, clear, still place where we can just detach from the chaos, stress and hectic-ness around us.  Continue reading


Dana Mrkich – Stop, Revive, Thrive – 23 December 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewIt’s been a challenging year and many of us feel our old roles are over but aren’t yet clear on what new directions we want to head in. We know that we can no longer do anything that doesn’t feel right and are feeling compelled to be true to what our heart and soul really yearns to do, say, create and express. Venus Retrograde has begun, and is an ideal time to stop, revive, reflect, and then thrive as you re-connect to what you truly value, and to what it is that truly fills you up and nourishes you. From this space we can then nourish others in a healthy way from our closest personal relationships to the relationships we have with those we don’t know but have a connection to daily via our food, clothing, media etc. I’ll be posting regularly on this theme throughout this 40 day period!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013 –  www.danamrkich.blogspot.com / link to original article

Banks dread US claims – Asking To Back Off – The End Of The System Is Near

U.S. Must ‘Stop Punishing Banks,’ Halt Putback Claims, FBR’s Miller Says By Hugh Son via Bloomberg.com 6th september 2011.


My comment:  The banks are getting the stick  and dreading the claims in court from the US Government. They want to have the US Government to back off as Miller says in the above article. The arguments differ from making the economic recovery even worse till arguments that they will damage the housing market.  All are non arguments in the face of the lies, fraud,  robbery and enrichment  the banks did. Yes that’s my opinion and that of een ever-growing group in the whole world. Also the large banks and lending companies were saved by the people’s tax money and still the banks would take people’s houses from them and give themselves big bonuses. They defied the people. Now the time is come to take back all that is not theirs.  Worldwide the resistance against this greed and untamed capitalism is now increasing.  And eventually they will have to see that they have to comply. The Federal Reserve Banking system is dead. No more private banking firms who dictate and issue money, or even have something to say about the money in any country, just as all other related organizations such as, World Bank, IMF, etc.

Money without any real value is no money. There is no backing of the money anymore with a value like gold. Therefore more has become  merely a believe system that says, believe in this piece of paper as something having value you can exchange for services and goods. The people must see that there is no legal obligation to pay back loans, mortgages, debt that is issued with no backing of a real value for instance a gold standard , thus real gold. People must see that they were driven into thinking that they owed banks and lenders money. But the banks and lenders knew they issued only a paper that says you owe them money. A computer input of your name and your address and Fiscal details and one click on the button and they have given you fake non-existent money digitally on your account. You have signed for paying back that amount with interest. Stupid you.

I hope people will see the injustice and enslavement on debt  that banks and the dark ones have imposed on all of us. The system is fraud and will end. You can see the last resistance of the banks and dark ones regarding keeping their power bases of debt and control.  The debt crises and austerity madness and money systems all over the world breaking up and failing say enough.   Nothing can be done to ment that. That is what they won’t accept. It’s over.

But don’t be scared, there is no need for it. Soon a new system will be in place that has all that this fraud system hasn’t got. A money system that is for the people by the people  for exchange. No greed and interest. But redistribution of wealth. No one will have nothing. So we can build a real new society that is loving, free and just. There is No uprising needed. No riots are needed. Fear of debt, poverty is No more . It will be coming sooner than you think. So be joy and happy. But keep critical and alert for those who think they can do everything without any scruples and without consequence. They will be taken to justice and trialed.


Shell Defies Dutch Parliament Members and Ethics in Question To Stop Activities Syria

As a sign of the time the Big Corporations do the only thing that they can do make money and profit regardless of things happening and the ethics and  lives involved. Dutch Parliament members asked Shell 30th august 2011 to stop its activities according to the serious political situation and death toll of the Syrian people.  The answers Shell Netherlands CEO Dick Benschop gave are clear.

Shell doesn’t  stop its activities freely. Only if Shell Syria is getting in a conflict situation or human rights issues are involved they would consider.  Their workforce was exposed to danger as they would leave was an argument made. Only trade activities will be stopped if there will be a European boycott.

You can ask yourselves what human rights are in Shell’s interpretation. Is waiting on a European boycott the way.  If the oil trade would be stopped Syria could be hurt. About 30% of Syria’s National income is being made that way.

A Dutch parliament member said that companies have more influence than governments. Also a sign of the times and still for now also a right statement. The world needs to get people back into power not the few in power with the money.