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Study:Phys.org – Sub-Saharan Africans Benefit From Buying Water – 9 December 2013


Many of West Africa’s largest cities continue to lag in their provision of piped water to residents. Filling the service gap are plastic water sachets, which have become an important source of drinking water for the region. This industry provides many jobs and improves access to clean drinking water, yet unintended social and environmental consequences associated with the widespread use of sachet water continues to stir controversy.

A new study by Justin Stoler, assistant professor of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Miami (UM) College of Arts and Sciences examines the demographics of sachet in Ghana’s capital Accra and analyzes the roles that poverty, environment, and social justice play in relation to urban . Stoler hopes to guide policy makers on one of the most pressing issues in West Africa—meeting universal drinking water needs.
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