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Mike Adams – Natural News – Supreme Court’s Obamacare Decision Hands Federal Government Unlimited Power To Force You To Spend 100% Of Your Paycheck On Things You Don’t Even Want – 28 June 2012

Natural News ~ Regardless of whether you agree with the fundamentals of Obamacare, the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has now ruled the federal government has the power to tax Americans into mandatory purchases of private industry products means an end to economic freedom in America.Why? Because it hands the federal government the power to force the American people to buy anything the government wants or face tax penalties for refusing to do so. It is the equivalent of announcing a federal monopoly over all private purchasing decisions. Continue reading


American Civil Liberties Union – ACLU – Obama Administration Asks Supreme Court To Dismiss ACLU Challenge To Warrantless Wiretapping Law ACLU Argues Dragnet Surveillance Of Americans Is Unconstitutional – 20 February 2012

NEW YORK – February 17 – The government today asked the Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court ruling that allowed the American Civil Liberties Union to challenge the constitutionality of a law that gives the government unprecedented authority to monitor international emails and phone calls by Americans. Continue reading