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Suzanne Lie / Suzanne Caroll – Arcturian Messages To Earth – Divine Complements Journey From Source – 23 January 2013

144We will begin our message today by talking about with the integration of the masculine and feminine expressions of your ONE Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is also known as your Divine Complement because he or she divinely complements you in every way. Because of your long interaction with polarized third/fourth dimensional realities, you have had many incarnations of being either male or female. Eventually, most of your expressions in third/forth dimensional form forgot that you had a perfect complement in a higher frequency and/or different reality. Continue reading

Suzanne Caroll – Mytria Of Pleiades : Special Message For The 20th Of May – 20 May 2012

I am Mytria, Keeper of the Violet Flame on Alycone, Pleiades, and I am Mytre, Commander in the Ashtar Commander.

We are Divine Complements and are one of the higher expressions of this writer.

We come to you as ONE being to speak with you of the joining of many Divine Complements as our beloved Earth comes into Her fifth dimensional expression. Continue reading