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Suzanne Spooner – The December 21st Alignment By God & Gabriel – 27 November 2012

November 27, 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel. How are you this fine day?] We are splendid! May we address the subject of the December 21st alignment? [By all means, please do!]

The alignment of the 21st is a marker in time and space. The ancient civilizations knew this date would herald in a new age. In a third dimensional continuum, the “date” would be important. There is no greater way to get the attention of those in 3-D than to put a time-stamp on a significant event.  All ears are open, albeit with different understandings. The openness of the ears is the purpose of the date. Continue reading


Suzanne Spooner – Peace & Portals – Suzanne and Archangel Michael – 17 October 2012

To my readers; I have been quiet on my blog for a few weeks while I visit my son who is studying in Italy. Tonight in some quiet time, I sat to receive this message from Archangel Michael. As I walk around the ancient city of Rome, I can feel the vibrations of all of the era’s and the beauty and the dogma of religion. This message was a wonderful reminder of how to simply Be. This picture was taken in Lucca, Italy in a small palace and is Archangel Michael defeating evil. It was created between the 8th & 9th centuries. Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – A QHHT Session With Suzan – The Life Of Hirsim, A Man In Ancient Egypt And The Secret Knowledge Of The Sphinx, The Library And The Five Hight Priests – 27 September 2012

During a QHHT session on August 11th, 2012 I took my friend, Susan Thomas, back to a life in Ancient Egypt. She was a young man named Hirsim. As the conversation continued, he explained how he had access to secret rooms and knowledge within The Sphinx. He explained, as we took him to later times in that life how his job had become an overseer to a library where he and others copied books and stored these copies in a secret chamber. He also began a conversation about five High Priests who had unusual gifts. His purpose in this life seems to be a keeper of the knowledge. Here is that first session with Hirsim. 

Hirsim: Egypt. First visit. Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – A Third QHHT Session With Susan; Taking Her To The Year 2112 For A History Lesson On 2012 – 16 September 2012

Susan Thomas and I wanted to try taking her ahead in time with QHHT. We decided to go 100 years ahead so that she would be past this life. In the year 2112 she was a woman named Mai who was an architect, designing buildings based on sacred geometry and how peoples bodies moved. I haven’t  included the entire transcript but what I think you will find very interesting on life in 2112. It struck me to ask her for a ‘history lesson’ on the time period of 2012 and THAT is where it got extra interesting! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Susan’s future!  Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – Archangel Gabriel – Your Loving, Good Vibrations – 2 September 2012

September 1st, 2012


[Hello Gabriel!] Hello Suzy! [Your energy feels quite swirly & excited today.] It is indeed. Rest assure that all is on track with the shift. Our hearts join together with the hearts of humanity in this preparation of love and light.

However one can bring peace into their heart, practice this often and with the knowing you are the Source. In a message for a client, she was told she was a teacher of light and that it wasn’t so much what she taught, it was that she taught. Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – A Second QHHT Session With Susan On The Shift; Family, Timelines, New & Old Earth Shifting, Light Workers Roles, The U.S. Election, December 21st And ET’s – 15 August 2012

To My Dear Readers,

My friend Susan and I had so much fun in her first Quantum Healing Hypnosis session that we went another go! We compiled some more questions for her subconscious (SC) to answer and answer it did!! I was literally on the edge of my chair as it spoke to us. The energy filling the room was magnificent. The information that was  given may boggle your mind a bit and you may not agree with it, but word for word, this is what we received. I hope it assists with the expansion of your heart and mind. Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – Q & A On The Shift; Information Received Through A Hypnosis Session – 2 August 2012


To my readers, as I have mentioned in my last post I have recently learned Quantum Healing Hypnosis through Dolores Cannon and plan to incorporate QHH along with TAUK for opportunities of self growth and understanding. In a QHH session most people experience one or a few past life experiences while hypnotized to assist them in solving issues that they are dealing with in this life. Once that is complete, the client’s subconscious is brought forward, which is magnificent! Not only is this the client’s subconscious, which has been with the client through possibly hundreds of lives, it is also part of the collective conscious so it knows All. Talk about filling a room with some exceptional energy! :) It is Divine.  Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Short But Deliciously Sweet God Message On The Summer Solstice – 22 June 2012


[Hi God, happy summer solstice.] Hi Suzy, to you as well. I hope you know how very much you are loved. [Thank you. I think I do!] Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Visit Form My Dad; Update On The World Governments And How We Slide Into Home Base – 19 June 2012


[Hi Dad!! How are you?] Hi Suzy, I am well. Soon you will know this first hand, but universally you are in for a magnificent shift. People from the governments are waking up at a rapid rate. This is in part because certain leaders, who are wide awake, have spread the classified report of the time lines merging. The motivation for most of these government employees has been to follow orders. However now they are opening their eyes and hearts to  the light. This is needed to give the governments the go ahead for disclosure. Priorities are shifting and truth is in the light now. Giving heart felt love to the leaders and their support staff will give the momentum to the one inevitable timeline of Now. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – From Pim – Solar Flare Your Love – 19 June 2012


[Hello Pim.] Hello Suzy, today can we discuss the light energies of planet Earth? [Yes, that would be wonderful.] Light comes in many frequencies. It is ocular to the human eye and immersed in the human heart.

God is the frequency of the heart. (God being the relative term here.) New strands of DNA are manifesting with the energies coming in now. This is the New Earth awakening. Continue reading