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Switzerland, Luxembourg Apply For China-Led Infrastructure Bank – 22 March 2015

RT logoDespite negative noises from the US, Switzerland and Luxembourg have become the latest European nations to apply to join the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Chinese Finance Ministry announced.

Earlier in March, the EU’s leading economies – the UK, France and Germany –announced plans to participate in the new international financial institution.

China’s Finance Ministry released a statement on Friday saying it welcomes the Swiss decision to apply.

Switzerland is to become the bank’s founding member later this month if other nation members involved approve its candidacy.

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UN Raises Concerns About Children’s Rights In Sweden, Switzerland – 7 February 2015

RT logoA UN report notes that child abuse is on the rise in Sweden and criticizes the Nordic nation as well as Switzerland, the only two European countries featured in the report, for failing to comply fully with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The report, released by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Wednesday, included an assessment of children’s rights in 12 countries, such as Turkmenistan and Iraq, where far more egregious violations were found, including horrifying revelations of the Islamic State using kidnapped children as suicide bombers.

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ITAR-TASS – OSCE: Missing Observers Near Donetsk Are From Estonia, Turkey, Switzerland, Denmark – 27 May 2014


Earlier Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Andrey Kelin said there are no Russians among members of the missing group

Quote: VIENNA, May 27,/ITAR-TASS/. Four observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) that went missing on Monday near the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk are nationals of Estonia, Turkey, Switzerland and Denmark, Michael Bociurkiw, a spokesman for Ukraine’s mission in Ukraine, said on may 27.

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Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria… – 2 August 2012

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The Times Of India – Swiss Bank Come Up With New Safe Haven – 2 July 2012

Swiss banks come up with new safe haven
(According to industry sources, bankers are telling their rich clients that Switzerland’s pacts with India and other countries do not apply to the safe deposit boxes. )
NEW DELHI: Amidst a global crackdown against alleged black money in secret Swiss bank accounts, their bankers are selling a new safe haven idea to their rich clients from India and other countries — the high-value 1,000 franc notes to be stored in safe deposit boxes. Continue reading

Tyler Durden – Switzerland Wants Its Gold Back From The New York Fed – 8 March 2012

Not only the Germans are worried about their gold but now members of the Swiss parliament are shortly voting on a initiative that says three things: Swiss Gold should be fysicaly kept in Switzerland, The Swiss National Bank -SNB may NOT sell off any of it’s gold reserves anymore and  the SNB schould be holding al leasts 20% of its assets in Gold.

This vote will have enormous complications. Read the whole article via the link below.   http://www.zerohedge.com link to original article