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The Domino Effect – The Systems Ending Is Near – Lucas

In The Netherlands started ones the great domino world record with a show world-wide televised. All the domino stones in all shapes and sizes and in different forms, pictures and with lots of beautiful effect fell down. Sometimes paused for the necessary  “commercial break”. Also one lifeline of stones is made to let the domino effect continue when it can’t complete one project. Shouting or shearing or any tremble makes the stones go off.  I see it as an analogy of what is going on in Europe and the World financial system now.

As S&P, Moody’s and others are downgrading countries and also banks credit worthiness in Europe one after one other we see the dominos fall to complete their task. Also USA’s banks are  under scrutiny. The domino effect is seen in the ongoing uncontrollable fact that nothing works anymore in the financial system.  What ever they do to stop the domino effect the lifeline kicks in and the trouble starts going further to complete its goal.

The effect is also kept going on not only by the countries, banks and others who want to keep the system working by the rise of the people of the world. They demonstrate, make a lot of noise and shout getting their rights and birth rights back. The stampede of marches of protesters make the ground tremble as if there were earthquakes.  So this makes it even for those who wanna keep and rescue the system even further impossible to stop the domino effect.

The ones who keep searching for the solution in the existing system will fail. There is only one option listen and bring into effect a real new system that is for ALL  as in the NESARA law was being described. See what we gain. Prosperity for all and abundance over the whole world.  The end of the poverty, debt, crisis, famine, greed, hunger, homelessness, etc.

See the domino stones as the Illuminati and dark cabal that have been losing their power and influence day by day. The power of the few over the many is over. The 99% take over and want a new world order but not that what was intended by the dark ones. The power pyramid is being turned over.

Keep your love and light shining upon also the dark ones who are in need of our compassion. We  need to see that they are part of the ending duality game on this earth. They played their role and it’ s over. They are how difficult to understand also lightbeings that have to return to their origin. That this will take maybe a while for them to waken up, but still when ready and in fully in the light  the choice to ascend also is their’s. It is a real free will choice.

Love and Light,


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Banks dread US claims – Asking To Back Off – The End Of The System Is Near

U.S. Must ‘Stop Punishing Banks,’ Halt Putback Claims, FBR’s Miller Says By Hugh Son via Bloomberg.com 6th september 2011.


My comment:  The banks are getting the stick  and dreading the claims in court from the US Government. They want to have the US Government to back off as Miller says in the above article. The arguments differ from making the economic recovery even worse till arguments that they will damage the housing market.  All are non arguments in the face of the lies, fraud,  robbery and enrichment  the banks did. Yes that’s my opinion and that of een ever-growing group in the whole world. Also the large banks and lending companies were saved by the people’s tax money and still the banks would take people’s houses from them and give themselves big bonuses. They defied the people. Now the time is come to take back all that is not theirs.  Worldwide the resistance against this greed and untamed capitalism is now increasing.  And eventually they will have to see that they have to comply. The Federal Reserve Banking system is dead. No more private banking firms who dictate and issue money, or even have something to say about the money in any country, just as all other related organizations such as, World Bank, IMF, etc.

Money without any real value is no money. There is no backing of the money anymore with a value like gold. Therefore more has become  merely a believe system that says, believe in this piece of paper as something having value you can exchange for services and goods. The people must see that there is no legal obligation to pay back loans, mortgages, debt that is issued with no backing of a real value for instance a gold standard , thus real gold. People must see that they were driven into thinking that they owed banks and lenders money. But the banks and lenders knew they issued only a paper that says you owe them money. A computer input of your name and your address and Fiscal details and one click on the button and they have given you fake non-existent money digitally on your account. You have signed for paying back that amount with interest. Stupid you.

I hope people will see the injustice and enslavement on debt  that banks and the dark ones have imposed on all of us. The system is fraud and will end. You can see the last resistance of the banks and dark ones regarding keeping their power bases of debt and control.  The debt crises and austerity madness and money systems all over the world breaking up and failing say enough.   Nothing can be done to ment that. That is what they won’t accept. It’s over.

But don’t be scared, there is no need for it. Soon a new system will be in place that has all that this fraud system hasn’t got. A money system that is for the people by the people  for exchange. No greed and interest. But redistribution of wealth. No one will have nothing. So we can build a real new society that is loving, free and just. There is No uprising needed. No riots are needed. Fear of debt, poverty is No more . It will be coming sooner than you think. So be joy and happy. But keep critical and alert for those who think they can do everything without any scruples and without consequence. They will be taken to justice and trialed.


Anonymous Targets BART: Hacker Group Goes After San Francisco Transit System After Cell Phone Shutdown

\’Anonymous\’ Targets BART: Hacker Group Goes After San Francisco Transit System After Cell Phone Shutdown

With update 15 August 2o11. Via HuffingtonPost.com

New World Order Monetary System