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Visionkeeper – Take A Time Out – 23 April 2012

I believe it is a good time for everyone to take time out with themselves and go within to truly connect with who they are and why they are here at this time. We came here with a purpose and it is our responsibility to remember and to follow through on our commitments. You always hear people talking about how we must remember at long last who we truly are so we can move on to the next level or dimension. This is not something we are going to read about online somewhere and proceed to accomplish that goal. Each one of us has our own purpose for being here as well as sharing the universal purpose of learning to love and live life for others not for ourselves. That is why I say take a time out and go within and connect with that information that has lain dormant for so long. It is within us all but we must search for the answers within ourselves. Remaining plugged into the system and being constantly distracted will not allow us to make the connection needed for finding answers. Go be with yourself, go be in nature, disconnect from the lies and chaos so you can see and hear yourself clearly, and finally discover who you really are and why you are here. Continue reading