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Dana Mrkich – Take Responsibility For Your Life With Regular Energy ‘Check-ups’ – 27 January 2013

DanaMrkichWhen our grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, several years after it had already touched our mum who passed only three months into her diagnosis, a few people said to my two sisters and I, “You girls better watch yourselves.”  They meant to make sure we get regular checks, which of course we do, but we also knew about the metaphysical link to physical health issues. What thoughts/beliefs did our mother and grandmother have in common that may be linked to the manifestation of the breast cancer? That’s what we had to watch. We also knew about the energetic stories passed on from generation to generation, as being proven now by the new scientific field of Epigenetics. While the common consensus is that breast cancer is hereditary, our feeling was that we needed to go deeper if we didn’t want to spend the rest of our lives living in fear. Our situation brought up a question: is it the physical breast cancer that is hereditary, or is it the beliefs/emotional issues connected to the creation of that cancer that are hereditary, passed down through the generations until addressed?  Continue reading