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Taking Ascension Seriously- Steve Beckow- The 2012 Scenario

by Steve Beckow via SteveBeckow.com

I could not have asked for a better introduction to what I wanted to share about the day-long meditation retreat I took this weekend than what AA Michael said through Meredith Murphy a few days ago:


“One of the challenges you face increasingly in these coming days, is to take yourself and your awakening seriously. …


“You are increasingly called to bring your lifestyle into greater alignment with your vibration and your knowing. Each of you are growing in your capacity to claim what you know and this creates a sacredness to your experience. This appreciation of what is taking place is made by possible by embracing and trusting in the reality of the planetary ascension process, and it brings the element of the sacred to your lives and into your energy field.” (1)


One of the advantages of taking time out to meditate is that it puts an immediate stick in the wheel of activity. The whole bicycle is brought to a rapid halt and the mind is left to run on, unable to stop from thinking about all the things one has been doing and would keep doing if allowed to.


Because the mind is caught unawares, one can see its workings and weigh them. Am I really getting very much out of watching CNN and BBC? Is what they’re showing these days news or entertainment? Am I hearing important things by listening to them? Am I merely distracting myself? How seriously am I taking Ascension?


Or: why am I resisting my work? Why do I think there is some better way to spend my time than sitting at a desk all day? Why do I even see it that way? What prevents me from seeing that I’m serving Ascension by doing this and that every minute spent doing it is a minute spent serving Ascension? What prevents me from becoming serious about my work for Ascension?


And the more one questions the way one lives, the more the notion of the sacred arises. As each distraction is eliminated and higher intention generated, I align more with the uplifting energies. And these rising energies are by nature sacred. Sacred is the direction we’re going in these days.


By the time I felt ready to leave the meditation, I was not the same person. Literally. My commitment had increased, my mindfulness, my intentionality.


Moreover, my thrown tendency to allow others to set my agenda had decreased. Heavens, who knows better what my path is than I? And who is expected to drive this vehicle if not me?


One of the challenges of this job is not to let the job own me. I do the job, but I’m notthe job. When I become the job, who I am disappears out the window and I become a robot.


I also stepped back and looked at my relationships this weekend. I stepped back from patterns and habits, and it felt as if an energy that I hadn’t known before rushed in to me to take their places, as fast as I vacated them. I saw how much time I waste in this area too. Not that relationships are a waste of time; they’re not. But the way I was “doing relationship” was a waste of time. I’m wasting my own time and for some reason wasting it no longer seemed OK with me. I noticed a resolve that I hadn’t seen before that simply did not want to waste time any more on any front.


I think that, just as the Boss said above, many of us may not take our Ascension seriously, or our Ascension work, or our commitment. Somewhere over the day that shifted for me. I got that I’m willing to pay a price in loneliness to remain highly committed, highly intentional, rather than maintain relationships with people who did not share my commitment.


I got what our sources have been saying about living as highly-intentioned as you can. Live like the ascended masters that you are. Uplift yourself. Aim high. Just a little bit of doing that resulted in this. The fertility of my own efforts, no matter how limited, did not escape me. It was as if I received a thousandfold return on my investment.


And I feel a great deal more meditative, even taking the space between breaths to meditate, the space between thoughts.


Lots of things dropped away this weekend. And there is a me that is here, an energy, a space that I haven’t known before and don’t even feel familiar with now, the better part of a day later. Something fell away and something else arose. Something left and something came in in its stead.


So when I say, “Back to work,” it isn’t the same me who’s returning to work. Not like I want to sound melodramatic. But it’s at least a new side of me, a side I’m going to have to get to know before I feel capable of talking about it in any depth. I’m here in a fuller way than I was even a few days ago.


Expect me to take more time out to meditate. Expect me to really get down to work.




(1) Archangel Michael, through Meredith Murphy, Sept. 23, 2011, athttp://stevebeckow.com/2011/09/aa-michael-emissaries-to-earth-bring-forth-your-light/.


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