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Suzanne Poulson Spooner – God, Prilon (My High Self) & Ron (My Dad) TAUK Message – 30 November 2011

[Hello God & Prilon.] Hi Suzy, we are here to give you this update. The kind & just soul of your father is here to join us as well. [Oh good! Hi Dad!!] Hi Suzy, may I continue with the update? [Please do.]

For a very long time on Earth, souls have experienced the understanding of duality. This is in accordance with universal law with the Creator. Now, you and many other souls are in the process of leaving duality for the experience of higher dimensions. This is also in accordance with universal law. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – God Message – Happy Day Of Thanks To All – 22 November 2011

God Message channeled via TAUK* & Suzanne Poulson Spooner: Happy Day of Thanks to all ♥  22 November 2011

My Dear Ones,
Enlightenment is My Thanksgiving gift to you. You are in the dimension that is actually between dimensions; similar to a waiting room. You are in an elevated class, like a Masters class of enlightenment. If you could consciously see your activity in your dream time you would see the humor in your calling it ‘rest’. Most on Earth are in an enlightened portal while the physical bodies are asleep. In this space you are limitless and knowing of your Divine Self. This makes your waking time seem frustrating at times and out of balance with your Divine Self. This is the calibration of your energetic bodies called ascension. Give thanks for your awakening, your enlightenment, your remembering. If this is accomplished with your conscious self or your High Self is not a concern to the over all picture. It’s like driving to Grandmother’s house on the interstate or through the country backroads. Your final destination (ascension) is already determined, your path is simply a choice. So, on this American holiday of giving thanks be grateful for this wondrous journey. Only love and joy are needed to assist your calibration. A wise person once said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s ALL small stuff.”

*TAUK is The Art of Universal Knowing


Suzanne Spooner – This Weeks God Message – Graduation Day is Near! 17 October 2011

My Dear Ones,

Your abilities to imagine the highest, greatest good for humanity are applauded. In your moments of meditation and quiet thinking your High Self is opening portals for ascension and assistance for others during these remarkable times. The love you send out is felt through every dimension. Your energy is intertwined with all energy in the cosmos. If you realized the power plant of intention you are, you would mind your thoughts a little more. Understand you are The Creator who has imagined a body & soul in this dimension to experience duality. You agreed to amnesia of your greatness to understand the limited belief of all or nothing. In this amazing class called third dimensional life you have done the nearly impossible of teaching yourself the art of imagination as a path to remembering. Kindly give yourself a pat on the back. Might say you have nearly graduated and with honors. Next up is your graduation ceremony. Will you bring your cap and gown with you? On your invitation to the ceremony are directions to the reception. In your excitement, don’t forget to dust off your awards and accolades. We are so proud of you and have to boast of your accomplishments. In this time of joy know how much you are loved.


Channeled by Suzanne Spooner


Suzanne Spooner – This weeks GOD message -TAUK – 3 October 2011

by Suzanne Poulson Spooner on Monday, 03 October 2011 at 20:47
My Dear One,

In your connection to my love, I am first a sense of hope. Having hope is a projection of eternal love. When you hope, you override the beingness of ego.   Hope is the heart saying to the ego, “You might not be right all the time.” In  the world of third dimension, all decisions are made by ego. This is the weighing of the good & the bad and the pros & the cons. This was a perfect model for life in the third dimension.

The allowing for hope, love or oneness in a decision is the opening of letting a higher dimensional energy filter in to your being. You have done this very well, from time to time. This is the ‘slip’ of shifting dimensions. Make a decision with your heart and you are working in a higher frequency. This is like having your training wheels on while you adjust for the ascension you have been preparing for, not just in this life, but in between lives and lives before this one. What a grand plan you have created!

In the coming days and months, prepare for the experience of grand shifting. Its a journey into shape shifting of energy and heart centeredness. In your wildest dreams you cannot remember the beauty that awaits you in this transition. That was by design, we could never expect you to finish the grand experiment of third dimensional life if you could have total recall of the majesty and splendor that awaits you. But please, do go ahead and picture your world in a state of utter bliss. Just know that you have only scratched the service of your next experience. Live love and love one another.

Suzanne Spooner – Today’s TAUK Message from God…..Recipe for a great weekend :)

My Dear One,

You can see in your world a light and a darkness. Understand this is just an illusion to give your ego hope for an extended experience. You are the decider of what information is experienced. Imagine a world and life at war and that is what you live. Imagine a world and life of peace and joy and that is what you live. In the crossing of the two worlds, parallel universes really, your ego gets in the way and moves you into unease. Live in the universe of peace and joy for this weekend. Have a table set with food you love. Take time to meditate and release the old world of war and conflict. Give yourself permission to clear your agenda and just be. Imagine your life in total joy and peace. This is not the illusion, it is living in the Now. I am waiting at the table and the food is out of this world!

Suzanne Spooner – Message of Archangel Gabriel, 8 September 2011

Hi Gabriel.

Hi Suzy, I give you this update. Man is now in the final hours of 3rd dimensional life. Feelings of the collective conscious on Earth have reached their level of commitment for opening the portal of ascension. Keep the vibration strong by providing a meditative space for the frequency of love. ’Now’ is the ‘Soon’ you have waited for. Delight in the elevation of mankind. Give gratitude & peace as the events unfold. More love & more joy are imagined in this new Earth. Look with your heart & not with your eyes & see glimpses that grow & grow to full expressions of life on this reality of ascended energy. Now is soon.

This Weeks God Message To The TAUKers – Suzanne Poulson Spooner

door Suzanne Poulson Spooner op zondag 4 september 2011 om 1:00

My Dear One,

Very soon you will know how illusionary your reality is. No longer will you imagine war, hate or greed. Soon you will know the truth in an opening of the veil between dimensions. You, Being of Godly Origin, will re-member with your truth of love. Express your imagination to connect to this vibration & frequency. Give quiet reflection of what this new world is like. Build this world in your imagination. Keep your heart open to beings of love & light that walk beside you in this transitionary time. Picture your ideal life. Announce your intentions to your heart. Stay optimistic that in the chaos all is well. Open your heart to your connection to divine love. Be kind, be love, be joy.

Basic Understanding of Your Pendulum and Chart for TAUK – YouTube

Basic Understanding of Your Pendulum and Chart for TAUK – YouTube.

Via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Suzanne Spooner: The True Nature of the Debt-Ceiling Agreement






Suzanne Spooner: The True Nature of the “Debt-Ceiling Agreement”. via SteveBeckow.com