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Baltimore Riot: Violent Clashes, Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets After Freddie Gray Funeral – 28 April 2015

RT logoMaryland governor Larry Hogan has declared a state of emergency in Baltimore as standoff between large group of youth and police in riot gear engulfed much of the city. The National Guard has been activated to address the growing violence.


All leaves have been cancelled for the police officers in the city. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake declared curfew starting 10 pm Tuesday.

Protesters and police converged on Mondawmin Mall in northwest Baltimore early Monday afternoon. People began throwing bottles, rocks and bricks, as demonstrations spread to other areas of the city. Several police officers have been injured by the projectiles, and protesters ‒ teens later joined by adult residents ‒ refused to listen to law enforcement and disperse.

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Tear Gas, Sound Bombs: Clashes In Sao Paulo As 1,000s Protest Bus Fare Hike – 17 January 2015

RT logoPolice used tear gas and sound bombs to disperse thousands of people protesting against hikes in bus fare price in Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo.

The protesters gathered for a rally after the authorities increased bus fares from 3 reals ($1.14) to 3.50 reals ($1.34). Carrying banners reading, “No to fare hikes” the demonstrators called for fares to be lowered or eliminated altogether. They also demanded free student fares.

According to organizers, the rally attracted about 20,000 people, while police put the numbers at 3,000. At least 1,000 officers were policing the demonstration.

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Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets As Ethnic Albanians Clash With Kosovo Police – 23 June 2014

RT logoSeveral people, including police officers, have been injured as ethnic Albanians clashed with security forces in the city of Mitrovica. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to stop protesters who were hurling stones and burning cars.

Twenty one people have reportedly been injured, including 13 police officers and two journalists.

Hundreds of Albanians protested over Serb plans to erect a “Peace Park” on the Mitrovica Bridge over the Ibar River that splits the town into Serbian and Albanian neighborhoods.

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Tear Gas, Stun Grenades: Brazilian Police Disperse Protesters Hours Before WC Opener – 12 June 2014

RT logoBrazilian police have used teargas and stun grenades in San Paolo clashing with about 200 protesters angry with the govt overspending on the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This occurred hours before the tournament’s opening game to be held in the city.

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There were also reports of rubber bullets that were used against peaceful protesters who were trying to cut off a key venue leading to the Arena Corinthians stadium – the location of the first game of the Cup between hosting Brazil and Crotia.

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Tear Gas, Over 100 Arrested As Protesters Mark 1 Year After Gezi Park (Turkey) – 1 June 2014

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Turkish police have shot tear gas at protesters, along with an RT journalist covering the event. More than 100 have been detained on the anniversary of the 2013 Gezi Park demonstrations and 25,000 officers have been dispatched to quash the protest.

Several hundred people had been assembling on streets leading to Taksim Square when police fired tear gas into the crowd, which promptly dispersed. Continue reading

Egyptian Police Fire Tear Gas To Disperse Pro-Morsi Student Protesters – 20 October 2013

RT logoEgyptian police fired tear gas at participants of a pro-Morsi student demonstration as they rallied and tried to march to a protest camp at Cairo’s Rabaa Square, which security forces cleared in mid-August.

A crowd of students, mostly from Al-Azhar University, started their protest with an on-campus march.

Demonstrators hurled stones at the administrator’s offices, smashing windows and breaking doors, said Ibrahim el-Houdhoud, deputy head of the university. He warned students against leaving campus and clashing with security forces, according to Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr.

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