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Tesla’s Brain – Tesla, A Brief Biography Of The Enigmatic Scientist – 31 October 2012

Nikola Tesla at age 77

By Bill Crawford

One evening during the last summer of the 19th century, an eccentric Serbian inventor steps outside his electrical laboratory. Dressed in a Prince Albert coat and black derby, he looks up at the 200-foot tower

he’s built in the shadow of Pike’s Peak. Continue reading


Suzanne Posel – US Government Gives Classified Tesla Technology To UN For Sustainable Development Scheme (!?) – 23 June 2012

(Lucas: This information gives you a glimpse of what already is and was possible. Tesla had a car that wireless was recharged and drove around without ever charging or fuelling if you want. I am said to say the YouTube video of Ford’s car in the seventies that was an electric car is lost or removed. The care  could drive about a 500 KM radius and also could do 120 KM per Hour says maybe guess what the car was not produced because of the fossil fuels lobby and the greed of the cabal. There is more technology now already available what is not seen by the “normal” people. We have been kept from it on purpose and most applications are used for military or control purposes without knowing us about it. The better uses are not demonstrated to us. We will see them shortly all be released or used for the better of all mankind. Just a hint : Why would SAAB cars be an electric car builder for a Chinese/Asian Venture?  The grid less energy transfer and non polluting new wireless technology even the coming free energy will shift us to a new level. Now here after the article follows).  Continue reading

Terrence Aym – Masters Of The World : HAARP Wars – 6 May 2012

Ask most scientists and they’ll tell you that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is simply a scientific research station designed to study and interact with the Earth’s ionosphere and determine new ways to propagate radio waves. But ask anyone who’s knowlegeable about brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, and they’ll tell you that HAARP’s a very sophisticated, sinister advance of Tesla’s amazing research at his Long Island Wardencliffe Tower lab. There, Tesla discovered ways to modify the weather, create earthquakes, and develop a ‘Death Ray’ more powerful than the hydrogen bomb…a deadly radiowave weapon so powerful Tesla claimed it could wipe entire armies from the face of the globe. Some insist HAARP is that and much more. And now the evidence that weaponized HAARP complexes are being built by the USA, Russia, and China in remote regions across the world has surfaced. Get ready for the HAARP Wars… Continue reading