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Magenta Pixie – The Akashic Records, Keepers Of The Akash And The Master Librarians – 27 July 2014

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Lisa Gawlas – The Akashic Records, Shambhala, The Rainbow Tribe And You/Us!! – 16 October 2012

These last two days have been really, interesting, to say the least, in my world.  It started 2 days ago when I found my own sharings from 2001.  That same day I had 4 readings on my calendar, I was able to do three of them effortlessly, then something happened in the 15 minute span from hanging up with my third reading and calling my 4th.  The universe pulled the shades down on my ability to see the field and read from it.  This shade carried over into yesterday as well.  Either days, I was not in the void, I was not tired, there was nothing flowing in me that felt… off.  But indeed, my vision to take in outside information, locked down.  I tried to understand the why… maybe the new moon energy? Continue reading