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Lucas – BREAKING NEWS: The Answer From David On My Questions About The “Drake” Interview – 9 April 2012

As I reposted my questions to Mr. Wilcock again today 9 April 2012  in his comments section regarding the interview with “Drake”, as they where not published, I got in the end an answer by David Wilcock himself in my mail.

I am sorry to say this answer will not be posted integral here. As I keep my private conversations private.  But I will say that he declined posting the comment questions I put in my blog post (link to post Lucas) also in an open form for him to read. David Wilcock is concerned he might compromise things going on in the “Drake” group developments and others involved.

I myself made it clear to David Wilcock that he had posted this interview and gave it a large exposure and therefore he should have known all the consequences before he made his one-sided interview. The nature  of the answer of Wilcock made also clear to me that he chose sides. I made clear his answer was not sufficient as there will not be a  balanced story that way. The credibility of David’s writings will be questioned in future by a lot of people. The  still open questions will not be given an answer and now is officially the story become a one-sided one by choice of David Wilcock.The  story by David Wilcock in the matter “Drake” and Tim Turner and the Republic of the USA group is closed.

I expressed my concerns and my disappointment in his answer. Also I have said this will be a big crack in the credibility and respect I had in his investigative writing. I for sure will not follow  blindly anyone or will support anyone who says just believe I will tell you later what you have to believe in and that it is good.  Is Unity not possible? We can not make a founded opinion on half the information David.  Is open, transparent, equality  and honest not what a new America build on the real Constitution should be about?.

Further details I will not give as I think the message is clear to David. But to be honest the readers around the world will not be informed correctly in this case. Let that be stated for the records. The people need to use now their utmost discernment in all what will be said about this in writings by David Wilcock.

Maybe you still do the right thing David.

Love and light,