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Sophia Love – The Artist – 17 November 2012

There is plenty of polarity to go around.  Revolutions all over the globe offer up a world view that is anything but united.  We are pushing the limits, testing the restraints, seeing just how far it will hold before it breaks.

Children do this.  Place a limit or a rule on the behavior of a child and he’ll immediately almost break it and watch what happens.  If there is no reaction she’ll move closer to breaking it, awaiting the repercussions.  If they are not decisive enough – the rules are blatantly ignored; to hell with the consequences!  What has been forbidden is just too good to ignore, at any cost. Continue reading

Sophia Love – The Artist – 10 October 2012


The choice has been made.  There is no longer a wondering.  I know.  Things like “Why?” and “How?” just aren’t there.  Doubt is gone.  I am here.  I am.  There’s no question of success or judgment. Continue reading