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Lisa Gawlas – The Growth, The Ascent, The Emergence Of A Unified Eagle (Us) – 29 November 2013

lisagawlas2It has taken me three days to reabsorb the energy of the Mesa.  The first day home, when I awoke on Tuesday morning, my god, my head felt like it was wrapped in a vise all night long and encircled my entire cranium.  Talk about skull crushing.  But I also knew, this new enhanced energy combination (of both myself and the Mesa) had to be intense and it was as it started in my head Tuesday and by yesterday was at my root where the coccyx meets the lumbar spine.  I swear someone had a wrench and was just turning it and turning it.  The discomfort in my tailbone was so strong, I decided to take a black bath loaded with dead sea salts, frankincense and eucalyptus oil, in hopes of some physical relief and maybe even a meditation too!! Continue reading