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Lisa Gawlas – The Binary Codes Of The Greatest Computers Ever Invented… US!!! – 19 February 2015

lisagawlas2Yup, its a peanut butter morning in my head, thick and slow-moving.  At the same time, I became very aware yesterday that with this new hard drive called my brain, not all previous programs were installed on my new hard drive.  Talk about a memory wipe!!  It seems, only the vital, workable programs (memories) are running in the background.  Let me tell you, with the massive flood of incoming information thru February, this is a pleasant state of Being!!!

I pondered that infinity sign most of yesterday, coupled with wonderful information from the beautiful souls who share upon my facebook wall.  One of the triggers came from a soul named Melanie and she wrote (in part): Lisa, Oh my! So much is triggered in me as my eyes devour your writings! Three random things fly into my mind this morning….
One thing: – If viewed directly at it’s end, a string will appear as a dot; two circles stacked flat on top of each other then viewed from above or below will appear the same as a collapsed spiral does. Ya know those nylon and spiral wire play tubes for children to crawl thru? Playhut is one brand- easy to collapse and hold closed with Velcro tabs…the golden infinity symbol feels like a tube being woven from intersecting timelines pouring in—>hello Dreamweaver song.
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