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Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – New video: The Alchemy Of SELF-CHERISHING – 3 November 2014

judithHello Beloved!

This is the celestial team, whooshing in through our Judith to offer You OUR introduction to HER introduction to the video that is presented in this post. Please note that we do NOT mean that ours is “different”  from hers in the way that You used to understand “difference” as meaning “DIFFERING.” 

Please DO note that, Beloved. For to the degree that You perceive difference as meaning “separate from” rather than “another layer of,” so will You keep yourSelf locked in the illusion of separation and so dissension.

We point this out because You cannot change anything that You are not a part of. Change is an organic process, in other words. Alchemists must know know this, and You are a master alchemist… trust us on that one, as our Judith would say! Continue reading


Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – April Is Playing Your Song! – 7 April 2014

judithThis is Judith, sort of… since the celestial team is braiding with me. They’ve been encouraging this integration of their celestial frequencies with my humanly embodied ones ever since we experimented with it in our last video,  ”2014– The Year of Integration.” Of course, this makes perfect sense, since through their perspective, there is no separation between them and me– nor is there between you and your ultradimensional aspects. Continue reading

The Celestial Team – Yes You ARE Crossing! Keep Going – 23 December 2012

celestialteam judith dagleyBeloved, we greet you with frequencies of celebration for who you are, and ALL that you are!

Well, it is a NEW day, indeed, for we see you entering a NEW dawn, and an entirely NEW kind of day, as well! Although we know that in “physical reality,” your stage of crossing your Solstice threshold depends on where you are physically on your planet, but we are not physically embodied beings, and so we see where you are from a very different perspective. We “see” you energetically, through your frequencies, and so regardless of where you are physically, we know that you are well across the midpoint of your threshold NOW! We also see that there are many among you who feel disoriented, and aren’t quite sure where they are! They are not sure if they crossed, or if they even found a threshold to cross at all! Continue reading

Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – 12.13.12 New Moon, New Way Of Being – Discombobulation And The Human Bridge – 14 December 2012

celestialteam judith dagleyHello, Re-Ascending Masters (or “Beloveds,” as the celestial team refers to us!),

This is Judith, and I may not be quite as fizzy as my celestial counterparts are, but I’m still feeling pretty bubbly with excitement, nontheless. Here’s why: Today we have a new moon, which always gifts us with fertile energy in which to seed our intentions. This particular new moon is in Sagittarius, “the archer.” It is an energy of momentum, optimism, confidence, and freedom. The archer can aim the arrow of his/her intention at possibilities that would seem too “far away” without it, and reach them in a seeming instant. Continue reading

The Celestial Team – Crossing the Threshold – Winter 2012 – (2 Parts Video) – 1 November 2012

Uploaded on 27 October 2012 by Continue reading

Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – New Moon, New Paradigm, And Celestial Support!

Beloved, we pulse our frequencies to you within the magnetic waves of  your Virgo New Moon!

Please experience how it feels to receive us in this way, for we have never done this with your moon before. It is NEW! Your new moon’s energies are actually pulled to you by the magnetic forces within your earth, you see, and its pull on your moon is very powerful, indeed!  Unless we actually had the experience of allowing them to carry us to you as we are now, we never would have  truly “known” how  strong those magnetic forces feel. We are quite enjoying the experience of being pulsed to you in this way, we might add! Continue reading

Judith Dagley – Love Light Message – The Celestial Team- 3 December 2011


Hello, Beloveds!

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, IMPORTANT ANSWERS! These are important concepts to explore with you now, for their meanings change with your frequency! You will soon see that important questions are only those that lead to more questions. Important questions open doorways into wonder, they set you free to explore possibilities. In truth, that is the sole (and the soul’s) purpose for questions! On the other hand, “answers” silence the curiosity and end the search, for that is eexactly their purpose. “Answers” are mechanisms of control, and nothing more. Continue reading