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Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – The Morphing – 9 February 2012

This sharing is going to end up being done in three parts not two.  I suppose for every ending and beginning there has to be a middle!

As soon as I finished my blog this morning I got up to feed the birds and bunnies and got the surprise of my life.  There was a animal standing just outside the circle of rocks looking straight into the cabin at me.  At first I thought it was a dog until I heard “I Am a wolf.”  Really?  I was so excited.  I got up and moved to the door and he ran off into the field on the right side.  I whistled to him, he stopped, turned around and looked at me.  I should say, pierced my soul.  And another wolf came out of the bushes to join up with him. They both had very similar markings, silver and brown fur… their energy still takes my breath away. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – 9 February 2012

The last reading I had on Tuesday, the Birthday girl, I had asked her if she had any questions, before I got the last word out of my mouth I heard her team and the field instantly say “It doesn’t matter because everything is changing so rapidly starting tomorrow (Feb 8, 2012).” That would be my yesterday. I really looked forward to doing the readings, to see what is changing rapidly. All these years and I still have some “expectations.”

Altho the field itself did change, or maybe just became clearer in my own understandings of “layout” not much really seemed to change. Except maybe, within me. Continue reading