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Visionkeeper – The Choice Of Soaring Or Crawling – 17 January 2013

beach-beautiful-beauty-breeze-clouds-color-favim-com-37912(picture By http://www.favim.com)

As we march along into our new world we need to stop and ask ourselves what we want that new world to be like, and realize that new world begins with each of us creating what our own world will be like. It begins with ourselves. Stop and take time to evaluate your life. Are you doing and being what makes you happy? Does your life hold a deep meaning? Are you finally figuring out that what you have or what car you drive or what neighborhood you live in  does not define who you are and should not have the power to bring you happiness or not. How you feel and who you are comes from deep within you, from your values, your soul, your true desires, your authentic self. Continue reading