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Lucas – The Cosmic Way – From Divine Chaos To Divine Order – 18 April 2013

Computer simOh it is so beautiful to see all those personal swirling vortexes in our 5D  already still finding the inner-balance to and shift to the cone point in it all. Connecting totally with 5D and  our small vortexes that come now soon to our last bit of the old paradigm cone sticking into the 5D vortex. All those that are on that tipping point will flow into the 5D spiral upward. All of you behind those will come when ready. We made last year come true that everybody will come and shift. We opened that timeline for everyone last year. There will not be separation in two earths or two different timelines. The only  flow will be that of all personal vortexes finding their way from within to the space of being neutrality having the polarities reconciled as balanced oneness. Continue reading