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Lisa Gawlas – The Creative Highway Of Life – All Life, Your Life And The Change Underway! – 20 February 2015

lisagawlas2I wasn’t going to do a sharing today, so much information has come out the last week that I think we all need time to just, assimilate it all.  However, I woke up twice this morning witnessing myself doing energy work on Michael at 3am, fell back to sleep and woke up at 4am to witness him doing energy work on me.  As I was writing him an email about it all, too much clarity and understanding was coming thru to keep it between two people.  So, I am going to simply copy and paste what I had written to him (I am so tired of typing lol) and finish the inflow of amazing information outwards:

The experiences I am having are not in the “dream state,” instead, I am being awoken from sleep to view what is happening. It’s not even that place between dream and awake, I am wide awake.  I say this to let you know, the personal me is not initiating any of this, I am being awakened to witness what is happening.  This mornings experience was beyond vivid, more real, more present than anything I have experienced in this way to date. Continue reading