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Crys Crystaqueous – The Divine Comedy And The Imaginary Ego Thereof – 27 October 2014

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2c/Illustrations_to_Dante%27s_Divine_Comedy_object_2_Butlin_812-3_The_Mission_of_Virgil.jpg(: Illustrations to Dante’s Divine Comedy object 2 Butlin 812-3 The Mission of Virgil :  source )

Contrary to often well-disguised appearances, the ego of the Play Divine
never honors the Mirror (role-finished I AM Entities who constitute the True Universal Self of all upon the Play Stage of Theatre Earth). The ego must always be “right” in its own minds eye so long as it survives. And contrary to its occasional boast of humility, such invariably sees itself as other than, different from, and superior to all things and beings inclusive of the Natural Divine Energies that surround it in many forms. Continue reading