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Meredith Murphy – Message From The Council Of Light -The Divine Dialogue -28 March 2012

Stillness precludes order.

As you revise your lifestyle to liberate greater well-being and also open to your inner guidance, you spend more time in stillness, discovering the way in which this creates coherence and synchronicity to your path and activity.  The ease you experience as a result of this time spent in stillness is significant.  It is as if you do less and more happens.  It is because you are taking the time to be in stillness and synchronize, attune your energy to the energy of all that is.  In this harmonious vibration, you are all-knowing.  Although you may not feel as if you suddenly become the old-wise one, the truth is you then know all that is relevant and useful to you in that moment.  So in essence you have all that you need and can proceed with clarity and coherence underlying your action.  Creating your life in this way is a great blessing and it is the joy-filled pathway that many of you long for.  It feels empowered and graceful.  Coming forth into being from this stable, centered stillness, you are also more available to life itself as it exists in your world. Continue reading