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Lisa Gawlas – The Energy Rain, The Germination, The Doorways To New Life!! – 28 January 2013

flowers-in-the-rainAfter my day was finally finished yesterday, I took a bath.  The only thing I got to see, which still has me smiling this morning, was spirit’s hand working my appointment calendar.  Maybe it was because I was marveling at the alignment of each of you on the day’s agenda of readings, each in your own energetic place and yet, adding a very important and harmonious brush stroke to the tapestry unfolding.  From my meditation view, it almost looked like a puzzle, pieces scattered all over the place.  One piece may have already been in my hand and spirit would take that piece out of my hand put it somewhere else and place a new piece in my hand.  All with divine reason, to paint a real and true picture, thru your light, in our unfolding story of Light.  It was very much like the long arm of spirit was putting you in a very particular placement at the exact time you needed the understanding of where you are within your field of Light and the ongoing story of understanding.  It was humbling really.  I have been doing readings now for 10 years in various different ways, but never ever had each day build into an understanding of where we are now.  Of course, we were not on such a fast track of evolution either thru the last 10 years.  But then again, nor have I ever really written about it as consistently as I do now. Continue reading