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Lisa Gawlas – The Equinox, The Bridgeway, The Firing Of Your New DNA! – 22 September 2014

lisagawlas2Happy Equinox everyone!!  Happy Spring/Fall.  Ohh hell, just be Happy!!  The extraordinary (that’s us) has just been reconfigured to extra-extraordinary!!

Thru the information field of my first reading yesterday, her team had said that when we go to sleep last night, we will be configured to the new magnetic frequency that unleashes itself today, thru the energy field we know as the equinox.  Well, she wasn’t kidding.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, I became semi-awake and could feel and hazily see my team messing around with my crown energy.  I was still to heavily in my sleep to really get involved in asking anything, but awake enough to remember that something was done.  It is only this morning do I realize it was the plug-in and whatever else happens with it, into the new. Continue reading


Lisa Gawlas – The Equinox, The Last Quarter Of This Year, The Advancement Into 2013 and More! – 21 September 2012

I read a sign on facebook not to long ago that said something like: There are people in this world that have no idea what is going on, and they have no idea that they have no idea.  These last few weeks I had seen, even within myself, how true that statement is.  My god, life can be busy.  Very enjoyable, very heart filling, but very very busy.  It is sooooo easy to lose yourself each and every day.  Most people have no idea what that even means or feels like (to really, and I mean REALLY know yourself,) especially if that (busy life) is all you know.  I so have forgotten how exhausting what we call ordinary life can be. Continue reading