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John Ward – The ExtraordinReaderama : EU Fires Blanks At Putin, Coalition Killing As Many Jobs As It Creates, The Extraordinary Ability Of Leon Brittan To Evoke Silence, How RBS Did Nothing Wrong Haha, And France Falls Meekly Into Line – 22 April 2014

JohnWI recently stuck my neck out by suggesting that when it comes to “economic sanctions” being placed on Russia, the West – especially the EU – are what that old paedophile Mao Tse Tung used to call “Paper tigers”. Now a Slog reader points to further confirmation of Russia’s relative safety in the face of Western threats, given that ‘exported commodities represent 20% of Russian GDP. Additionally, commanding over 10% of the global gas and oil market, Russia is a huge marginal producer of the most important commodities on a global scale (and with over 40% of the produced palladium, one can see why its price in recent weeks has exploded)’. Continue reading