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Lisa Gawlas – The Final Touches Being Infused For Our New Life! – 21 April 2012

This has been the most incredible and interesting year in the field of Light.  January arrived and placed us in a whole new atmosphere of energy and we had to learn how to breath new air,  surrender to  things that no longer served us and created new internal pathways, new opportunities and relationships as the month gave us the clear choice; change or stay where you are.  Then February came in a with a fire to burn off all that was needed to let go of.  March was a whole new inner wiring, a whole new infusion of higher frequency Light codes were put into place for those who willingly embraced the changes and challenges of January and February.  April has turned on all the electricity to our new Light body.  We have gone thru intense inner and outer changes this year.  More than we can even imagine.  By the end of this month, the front-runners who were/are willing partners with their pure soul energy, well lets just say the mantel of responsibility has been placed in your hands and your hearts… May is going to show us exactly what that means to us!! Continue reading