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John Smallman – Jesus – The Focus Of Your Intent Is Where You Place Your Attention – 18 December 2011

Waiting, expectantly, as you are doing, is important because it means that you are focusing on your intent to awaken into your natural and fully-conscious state. The focus of your intent is where you place your attention, and that is how you bring your desires into being.  In order to do anything you have to place your attention on it, and you do want to awaken.  However, many get distracted by the increasing stresses that the illusion presents to them in their daily lives, and they forget that they need to keep restating their intent to awaken.  If you do not keep restating your intent it changes, which is part of the peculiarity that is the illusion.  You are aware of this in your daily lives and many of you make to-do lists to help you ensure that things you consider important get done.  Well, your intent to awaken needs to be placed high up on your to-do list, and not down at the bottom where it is all too easily forgotten. Continue reading