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Visionkeeper – The Fog Is Lifting – 3 September 2013

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It is quite remarkable how clear life is becoming now that the fog of deception is lifting. The more you face reality, ingest the truth and spit it back out, the more clear all of life becomes. It’s like cleaning a pair of dirty reading glasses. So many people fear the truth because in knowing the truth they must face the fact that their lives have been a lie. Yes I will agree that is hard to do, I remember it well, but what everyone needs to grasp is the fact that once the truth has made itself known in your life, the shock does dissipate and leaves you stronger and able to see more clearly. It is empowering in so many ways, I just wish those who remain so fearful would bite the bullet and come to know the peace that lies on the other side of the illusions. Many times I see the quote “Truth is knowledge”. I would rather change that to say “Truth is power”. Once you know the truth of the world you can no longer be sucked into the lie being called life, you begin to see the truth in everything and there is no stopping the process. Once begun it continues to unfold and your strength grows and you are one more person who becomes empowered and joins forces with all the others now embracing the reality of truth and Light is born. Continue reading