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Jon Waldrup – The Full Moon Of February 2013 – 25 February 2013

JonWaldrup“The very best expression of Pisces is to be in exile from the Divine while still opening one’s soul to search and longing.”    Ellias Lonsdale

This Full Moon is one of the pivotal points in the astrology of this year. What we are needing to do, what is being asked, the theme of our times you might say… is that we cease to sense ourselves as separate from each other or the Earth. We need to learn what it means for us as individuals to be human and we need to learn to see that same basic humanity in all the people of the world. Because what we will see then is that every one of us came here to experience and express “exile from the divine.” Only then will we embrace ourselves and each other with a recognition that the Earth herself is the expression of the Divine we have been seeking all along. Continue reading